The Puerto Rico Institute for Competitiveness and Sustainable Economy (ICSE-PR) is an action-oriented non-profit  educational organization under Section 501 (c) (3) of the Internal Revenue Code. We plan, and execute the more difficult alliances and coordinate multilateral actions necessary to foster key economic reform for the sustainable socio-economic well being of Puerto Rico. Through education and well coordinated collective action the ICSE-PR and allies are change agents that improve key social, physical and technological infrastructure for the sustainable competitive economic activity in Puerto Rico.  The Institute will promote collaborative, multi-disciplinary action with Puerto Rico’s most pressing socio-economic reforms.

The ICSE-PR will work with existing studies, will commission needed expert analysis and talent, insisting on non-partisan solutions, in collaboration with other non-profit and non-governmental entities as well as local and federal government. We will seek alliances, common purpose and values with a sense of urgency to attain the highest sustainable common good.  Our Board of Directors is composed of Juan “Tony” Larrea – President of SARCO, Waleska Rivera – CEO of Danosa Caribbean, Inc.; Josen Rossi – CEO and Chairman of AIREKO Companies, and as honorary member Carlos Rivera Vice President of Stryker Puerto Rico.

Since 2015 we are focused on comprehensive Electrical Energy Sustainable Competitiveness reform trough Intervention processes that strengthen the Puerto Rico Energy Commission (PREC),  the capacity building of other Non-Governmental Organizations (NGOs) as Intervenors in the PREC processes,  in harmony with an electrical system Integrated Resources Plan (IRP) that includes consumer choice and competitive options for all sectors to (i) achieve the lowest sustainable base electrical energy cost for Puerto Rico, and (ii) convince responsible private investors that Puerto Rico has an independent, modern, regulatory energy framework with a forward-looking plan that merits private investment in our energy infrastructure and the Puerto Rico economy at large.