Our Mission


Plan and execute policy and institutional change, foster alliances with other non-governmental organizations and with government that promote education and collective action which further sustainable competitive advantages and the sustainable socio-economic well-being of Puerto Rico.


Our Values

  • Multidisciplinary Education – policy reform, collective action, sustainable competitiveness in a global economy require continuous education and an understanding of the complex systems of the natural and the man-made world.
  • Sustainability – consider social, economic and environmental impacts of decisions and action beyond the present generation.
  • Integrity – the broadest inclusion of the actors and stake-holders, tempered by transparent recognition of conflicts regarding differing values and the time horizon of cost-benefit analysis.
  • Focus on action – transcend the academic and the policy theory, plan for measurable outcomes and for continuous monitoring, evaluation and up-dating of the plan towards optimal outcomes.
  • Confidence and Humbleness – a humble recognition of the limited natural resources of Puerto Rico when compared to other societies and their economies, tempered by confidence in our individual and collective capacity to globally compete and sustainably attain our social and economic well-being.


2016 Brochure