The ICSE-PR as a non-sectorial, non-profit organizations seeks to obtain the lowest base energy cost structure and defend the public interest in front of the Puerto Rico Energy Commission, the  Puerto Rico Fiscal Oversight and Management Board  and related entities.

On July 2nd 2017 PREPA filed for debt restructuring under Tittle III of PROMESA in Federal Court.  The ICSE-PR will continue efforts for PREPA to achieve sustainable levels of debt, now under jurisdiction of the Federal Court.

Achievements during 2016 included the filling in the San Juan first Instance Court the Transition Charges Challenge, in conjunction with different private sector organizations that groups nearly 80% of Puerto Rico’s private sector.  That effort prevented the implementation of a 3.05 ¢/kWh rate hike, resulting in annual savings of nearly $500 million to ratepayers.

The ICSE-PR’s expertise has been featured in energy related articles that comprises local and nationwide coverage. Please refer to our “ Press” page.

ICSE-PR continue to pursue to fulfill its goals for the 2017 budget to effectively intervene as a non-sectorial, non-profit institution on behalf of the public interest. Please donate on the tab below or contact us at

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