After more than seven (7) years of work from friends, colleagues, collaborators and the support of non-governmental organizations determined to achieve sustainable economic development for Puerto Rico, in October 2015 the Institute of Competitiveness and Sustainable Economy of Puerto Rico (ICSE-PR) was formally organized.

The institute originates as an initiative of Aireko Foundation, and its contributions over the years along with commitment and in-kind effort of the Manufacturing Association and additional private sector associations on the island. This non-governmental institutional development culminates in an ICSE-PR as a non-profit organization capable of forging coalitions, organize knowledge, gathering resources and wills, to educate and promote priority initiatives on sustainable competitiveness and economic development.

Given the historical juncture that we live in Puerto Rico today, facing the unavoidable fiscal reforms and the restructuring of the Puerto Rico Electric Power Authority (PREPA) and the electrical system; the reevaluation of the concerted action of different sectors that comprise our society is necessary. In particular, educational efforts and capacity building initiatives are required, around individuals, businesses and organizations, as well as in government. All this, with the goal of impacting global competitiveness indicators such as economic development; health;  education, at university and vocational levels; efficiency of markets; technology development; and innovation.

The ICSE-PR shares and endorses principles of economic development and competitiveness. Therefore, it is an initiative that we must support, to ensure that the objectives we share are disseminated with the goal of creating a positive effect on the development of Puerto Rico.

The first effort of the institute is to carry out an active participation in the proceedings of the Puerto Rico Energy Commission as well as in relation to fiscal and economic development plans to be developed in accordance with the requirements of the Fiscal Oversight and Management Board. Within this web page you can find additional details about the institute and how you can support this important and unique initiative.




José E. Rossi

President, ICSE-PR

Principal Executive Officer and President of Board of Directors

Aireko Companies


Waleska Rivera

Vice president, Secretary, and Treasurer, ICSE-PR

Presidenta Danosa Caribbean, Inc


Juan A. Larrea

Board of Directors Member, ICSE-PR

Presidente SARCO